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Web Development- Your website is a very important part to market your business online. But how can you make the most use of it? Well, you need to check if your website has all the important components. Your website can be a great marketing tool to attract huge traffic and profit, but it really depends on how to make and present it. You need someone who has expertise knowledge of web development and experience in the same.

We, at Pi technologies, a web development company New York believe to develop a website that brings traffic and more customers for your business. We believe to create a website that can serve to at its maximum capacity. We are passionate to create world class web surfing experience.

Custom web application development- Web applications, give us a great surfing experience. With the help of latest technology, we give you a complete solution for your web application development needs. Our project of development of any web application starts with setting up the goals. We provide best in class custom web application development in the New York City.

We develop web application just the way you want them.

Ecommerce development - Everyone is fond of online shopping. We develop ecommerce sites that give better user experience. If you have a business of selling product online, then setting up an ecommerce site could be a great tool to close more sales. We make ecommerce sites that has all the features and element to give the user great surfing and buying environment with our ecommerce website development New York services.

Enterprise portal development :- Portals make an organization to run successfully. Enterprise portals handle the information flow and access throughout the system. We are a passionate team of professionals who believe to create portals that are integrated and full with rich features. We have provided our enterprise portal development services in New York and across the globe.

Web design :- The look and the design of your site is the first thing you can impress your visitor with. So while developing a website, we put extra focus on designing aspect. We have very experienced professional website designers NYC to design websites. Their experience of designing various sites makes an edge in our efforts.

UI design :- A good UI design helps to entice the customers and give them great surfing experience. We understand a website user's behavior, and that is why we put every effort to come up with an amazing UI web design NYC.

PSD to XHTML :- PSD files are used in Photoshop software. We give you compete solution to convert your PSD files in XHTML files. XHTML files are used on the internet. We create smooth, quick loaded and rich user experience XHTML files. We also provide PSD to HTML, HTML5, WordPress and Bootstrap Conversions.

Website Design - Your website must be designed in a way so that it could represent your brand successfully. Does the design of your website really represent the idea of your business? And, does it really give the desired environment to make an appeal for your product or service? If your answer is no then visit us, we will provide our New York web design services to give an ultimate design for your business website. We understand all the important and basic factors that are very crucial for your website design.

Our aim is to represent you as unique and solid brand on the internet. We make a strategy that incorporate with your long-term business goals.

Website Redesign :- If you have a website that is not working as the way you wanted, then it's time to make a change. You can redesign your website for various reasons, but you need to really look into the actual problem with your site.

Pi technologies has great experience to handle this kind of projects. We understand all the designing factors that could make your website outstanding. The traffic generated by your website shows how effective your site is.

We put all the designing factors together to create an amazing web design. When you decide to redesign your website you know the problem. With our exclusive attention we help you to get rid of the problem and have the best design for your website.

If you want to redesign your site for any reason, contact us, we will give to the right solution. Our team is highly proficient to solve any kind of design problem.

CMS Development - Content management plays a very important role within an organization. The flow of content or information is crucial for a system to operate successfully. With a good content management system you can make your organization to work smoothly without having any hurdles.

We are the best CMS development company in New York. We provide you the best service for your content management needs with the latest technology and expertise knowledge. Following are the CMS Web development services we provide:

Wordpress Development- Wordpress development is popular today. So, we as a leading CMS web development company, we put extra effort every time to create an extraordinary wordpress website. Our team is highly proficient to create the desired wordpress website for your business need. Our in-house professionals are experts in developing wordpress themes, application and plugin. Our wordpress development New York services have been serving our clients from the very beginning of our organization.

We have served so many clients for their wordpress development needs. We are very passionate about wordpress. With the latest technology and up-to-date knowledge we develop a wordpress website that meets your requirement.

In our development process, we believe to look into every detail of your wordpress development need. Our team puts more focus on understanding your goal and purpose. After understanding your purpose, we outline the process and make strategy to develop a great wordpress website. We maintain our high standard of quality in our entire process of developing wordpress websites.

Getting you the very best is our main aim. So we don't just develop wordpress website, but we are very keen to meet your higher business goal. We keep our entire focus on developing a website theme, application or plugin by keeping your vary needs in mind. Our integrated strategy helps us to work smoothly on your project.

Developing a great wordpress Website is not a simple task and we understand that. We are continuously updating our expert knowledge and skill to get the perfect outcome.

If you want to take control of your online presence and want to grow with an amazing wordpress website, and then we are waiting for you to join the journey of success with us. Contact us and tell us if you need any development need regarding wordpress. We will definitely help you to develop a winning wordpress website.

Magento development - If you are an eCommerce based business then using Magento could give you an extra edge on your e-commerce business. Today everyone loves to shop online because the technology is so great to give them amazing shopping experience. It became possible because of the latest web development technology. If we talk about rich feature and amazing user experience eCommerce site, then Magento comes first in our mind.

Magento is so popular because of its high feature and quick responsive nature. Ecommerce is in trend, and surely going to increase in demand. So if you want to compete with other ecommerce websites, you certainly need a team of magento developers that could get you an amazing ecommerce site. Magento offer right kind of solutions for ecommerce business need.

If you really want to get great success in your ecommerce business Magento can be a big help.

Because of its rich features you can't overlook its importance for your ecommerce business.

We love to create a site using magento. We can develop an ecommerce site that can help your online business to grow faster. An ordinary site can't get you the traffic or attention that you really deserve, so we believe to develop a site that can work like a great profit generating tools.

When we develop your ecommerce site, we are very keen to put these features:

Inviting look :- Look is the first thing you can impress with your customer. So our goal is to create an amazing look for your ecommerce site to attract your customer with the first look. We understand the online business world so deeply. We know anybody with an ecommerce site has very few second to entice the visitors. Magento gives a great opportunity to develop an ecommerce with impressive look with customized themes.

Organized and Integrated If you have a variety of products then you need to organize them in a way so that they could be found easily and looked in details, with Magento doing this is not a hurdle instead magento gives very good environment to implement this kind of feature.

Easy to navigate :- There is no use of having a great product if you can't show them to your visitors or customers. If we develop an ecommerce site using magento, it works very smoothly. With this extraordinary feature magento became very popular. Customers love to look through a variety of products that is why we pay special attention to this feature while making any ecommerce site.

Easy to order :- Closing a sale with huge profit is the real goal of a business, and we understand this fact very well. With our dedicated efforts we put all the components together to close a sale and guide a customer through the ordering process.

Magento is a feature rich ecommerce solution. Our high level of knowledge and experience on being a magento development company in NewYork give us power and belief to develop a wining ecommerce solution with Magento for you.

Custom CMS Development (bootstrap+html5+custom php)

Content Management System- CMS is the core for an organization's functionality. We are a leading cms web development service provider in NewYork for all of your Custom CMS needs. We are providing custom CMS development services using the following technologies:

Bootstrap - Bootstrap is a framework for developing responsive web solutions. Bootstrap makes it easy to develop front-end web solution. Bootstrap is popular HTML, JS and CSS framework. It's very easy and quick web developing environment. Bootstrap supports desktop, tablet and smartphone browser via responsive CSS.

Developing a bootstrap web solution can become very easy if you have a clear goal in your mind. Every development process followed by us is proven. At any stage of development of web solution we never compromise on our high standard.

HTML5 - HTML5 is all-in-one solution for web development solution. HTML5 comprises all the features of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web applications created using HTML5 are widely supported across all browsers and platforms.

We, at Pi technologies, believe to develop a web solution that is quick loaded, responsive and cross browser supportability. Our aim has always been to develop web solutions that are most suitable for users. We believe to give extraordinary user experience in all our effort and intention. This really motivates us to bring the best web solution every time you need.

Custom PHP - Custom PHP allows unique features instead of boring and common features. Today the competition is increasing online, so with ordinary features you are never going to attract customers. Now you need to put extra effort to make your website memorable with unique features. But creating a feature that is likable is not easy; here you need an expert who understands online business.

Pi technologies is a revolutionary idea generating company. We understand your need and we also understand how to incorporate your goal with custom PHP to get you the best of your exact need.

Our unique approach allows us to really make an outstanding custom php solution for your business. Our professionals understand the language and your business need very well. Our experience gives us authority to come up with new and revolutionary ideas.

We have helped so many clients for their development and design business needs. We understand that your website is your marketing tool, so being a website development design company NYC we include all the features on your website to present yourself as an authority in your industry.

Our support system is motivating and if you have any problem regarding your website you can easily approach us, we will surely support to you at our max capacity and energy level.


We operate from our office located in the heart of Indore city. Feel free to contact us via mail/call for any support or visit our office during business hours.


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