Industrial Training

With our internship and training programs, We want students and job seekers to be efficient in working with the modern technologies. Being in the IT industry for more than 5 years, We understand the current market needs very well. But, Most of the IT Training Centers doesn't provide training according to the necessities of the leading IT Companies. So we have decided to launch a job focused training program called Console Dude to fulfill the demands of IT Companies and job seekers as well. Under this program, We will provide industry level training to the students with priority on practical approach. Our mission is to raise the employment possibilities, promote the use of modern technology, and skills.

We have created personalized internship training programs on the latest technologies for the students so they can quickly find the job in top IT companies. Here are some our internship and training programs:


PHP is a popular scripting language that most of the websites and applications are currently using. People who want to begin a career in web development must begin learning PHP. The benefit of learning PHP is that it is very easy to learn and one can easily get a job as a PHP developer. In this PHP Internship program, Students will get the opportunity to work on the real-time projects and learn from the industry experts. If you are a looking for job-oriented internship opportunities then accepting our PHP internship & training will help you accomplish career goals.

Angular JS

Angular JS is very popular among web development companies and it is maintained by Google. With having the support of such big and influential company, Angular JS is currently being used by startups and even leading IT companies. It's a big reason to learn Angular JS to secure a thriving career in web development. This customized Angular JS Internship program is built as per the requirements of IT Companies. You will learn the current version of Angular JS and essential practices to build Angular-based apps on your own. In the Angular JS Training, We emphasize on practical scenarios. To make student proficient in Angular JS, Our instructor will teach them using live projects and hands-on practical sessions.

MEAN Stack

JavaScript plays a great role to build user-friendly and interactive websites. The leading Web Development companies are using JavaScript on every website as it is very easy to implement and make website user-friendly and attractive. Now IT firms are highly interested in picking candidates with who have command over the JavaScript-based technologies.  MEAN is the combination of four popular technologies MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS framework. This MEAN Stack Internship program is created make students familiar with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS framework. Our MEAN Stack internship is created in a refined way and begin with the basic fundamentals and will gradually cover the advanced practices. With this Mean Stack training program, students who have no prior knowledge of this technology can obtain great understanding within a short period of time.


In this era of smartphones, Android should be your preferred platform to learn App development as it is also being used in millions of devices worldwide. Tons of apps are being developed and launched by the Android app developers for businesses, gaming, shopping and various different purposes. The need of android app developers is raised in every software development company. So, you must choose this Android internship program to get in-depth knowledge about app development to become a successful app developer. The good thing is that you only need a fundamental understanding of Java to begin with Android App Development. This Android internship & training is aimed to make you able to do things on your own. This internship program is divided into segments and conducted by professional who will teach you on live projects. You will be able to build quality android apps after completion of this internship program.


IOS is another leading app development platform in the field of mobile operating systems. There is always been a confusion among students to choose a profitable app development platform to learn app development. This IOS Training and Internship program will be given by the highly-experienced professionals. In this IOS training program, you will learn the basics of everything twirling throughout IOS app development. So, if you’re curious to learn IOS App Development from scratch then taking this IOS Internship & training program by Console Dude will be very helpful. All you need is to have a basic knowledge of Swift and Objective C to begin learning IOS. Unlike other IOS internship and training course, You will learn every single concept of IOS app development and practices that you need to build professional apps.


Because of its amazing features, Java becomes the most popular programming languages that programmer use to create Web applications and platforms. The creator of Java made it with intent to provide flexibility and allow developers to write code that will work on any machine and despite platform. Also, You must need to know that the millions of computers and mobile phones run Java. This means the possibilities are numerous for a Java developer to get high-paying jobs in reputed IT Companies. The skilled Java professional are in great demand in Software Development companies. We have made this Java Internship Program for a student who doesn't have prior knowledge of Java. We will avail the industry experts to teach student Java from scratch. With this Java Training Course, You will be able to get jobs in the tech industry.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most important thing to implement on your website even if you have a beautiful and engaging website. It's a technology which helps webmasters improve their website to make it appear on the top pages of search engines. Without the SEO, A website is good for nothing. A beginner and also a web developer must learn SEO to improve the position of the website on search engines. It is very easy to learn the basics of SEO and gradually the advanced practices as well. There are lots of job possibilities in SEO. So, We have created this job oriented SEO Internship programs to give students essential SEO knowledge in-depth. Our effective SEO training program is built to avail jobs easily. This SEO Internship program not only give fundamental knowledge but you will also learn how things work in SEO and how to optimize any website according to the search engine need and trends.

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